PokéSpot Showdown REPLAYS: David Seven (11)

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PokéSpot Showdown REPLAYS: David Seven (11)

Post by JonTolley on Mon Jan 09, 2017 2:25 am

This thread is dedicated to archiving replays of the members of PokéSpot.
This is a list of replays posted by David Seven (Count Jerkula) going as far back as December 3rd, 2016.

(1/8/17) [G7] Pokebank LC: "Mudbray saves me once again lmao"

(1/2/17) [G7] Pokebank LC: "Someone get him some milk LOL"

(12/30/16) [G7] Pokebank OU: "I've been having a bad day.. You ever get those days where you just been having the shittiest luck for like 10 matches in a row and after those 10 matches you start not caring about how you battle anymore? Like you're not even trying at this point? That's the kind of day I had. That, combined with being hungover, I just didn't really have any hope in the world anymore. ; This battle shows every bit of that. Enjoy"

(12/29/16) [G7] Pokebank OU (suspect test): "As a future side note: always go for stealth rock instead of flare blitz on a sleeping landorus. It'll make your life so much easier and you won't have to go through all the bullshit I went through."

(12/28/16) [G7] Pokebank OU (suspect test): "Man, I thought alolan Exeggutor was gonna go all the way.. Now this is what I consider a good battle"

(12/27/16) [G7] Pokebank OU (suspect test): "Someone needs to have a talk with this dude and explain to him that even if he psyshocked, I would go first next turn and OHKO with flash cannon. Like are people dumb, or are people dumb?"

(12/26/16) [G7] Pokebank OU (suspect test): "Now tell me this wasn't badass right here. Predictions, man. ; [He was trying to steel trap my Celesteela]

(12/26/16) [G7] Pokebank OU (suspect test): "Yup, Alolan Exeggutor is my favorite Pokémon this gen."

(12/25/16) [G7] Pokebank OU (suspect test): "Can someone tell me wtf this dude was doing? Cause I'd really like an explanation"

(12/16/16) [G7] Pokebank OU: "So my first battle in like a month, I return and this happens lmao. Changing that timid into a modest really did help. Everyone falls for the same shit, it's too damn hilarious. Every time I see Lando T on a team I'm like k I'm leading with Nihilego cause I for sure know what they're leading with cause Lando T takes out like most of my team so why wouldn't they lead with it ya know? The perfect bait.
But I'm now that I've returned to battling and looking at my team as a whole, all I could think of is what the fuck kinda team is this? I really don't remember leaving off with this team. I could've swore I trashed it and created a new one before I left on hiatus to go play ffxv, but I guess it didn't save my new team or something. Oh well, I still won."

(12/3/16) [G7] Pokebank OU: "Alexi Diaz here's a match where all my Pokémon fainted except porygon z and it was 5 against 1 and the tables turned the fuck around. I basically didn't care that everyone was dying cause all I needed was rocks up and for PZ to set up cause none of his Pokémon outsped it at +1."

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