Chauncey's Genning Services

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Chauncey's Genning Services

Post by Chauncey on Tue Jan 03, 2017 6:17 pm

Welcome to my shop! Come in, come in! Here I sell the FIIIIIINEST genned pokes you've ever seen.

for just a small sum of SpotCoins I can generate you any Pokemon you want as long as it is legally available. (SO NO BANK MONS AND NO MARSHADOW, for now.)

Fill out the form below and then find the sum of the numbers in the brackets to figure out the price.

1. Do you provide the Pokemon: Yes [0] or No [10]

2. If No, What is the Pokemon you want? Price will vary from 10-100 SpotCoins depending on how rare the pokemon is.

3. How many IVs would you like changed to Perfect 31? [20 per IV]

4. Egg Moves? [10 per Egg Move]

5. Shiny? [100]
6. What level? [0 for a level 1, and then +1 for every 10 levels. IE 5 for 50-59 6 for 60-69 10 for 100]


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Re: Chauncey's Genning Services

Post by JudgeJulien on Fri Jan 06, 2017 12:01 pm

This is a pretty cool idea
EDIT: Oh damn I have to fix my trainer card size

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