PokéSpot Mono-Type Showdown Tournament [G6-ORAS] (Pre SuMo)

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PokéSpot Mono-Type Showdown Tournament [G6-ORAS] (Pre SuMo)

Post by JonTolley on Sun Jan 22, 2017 5:31 am

PokéSpot's first Mono-Type Tournament (organized by Sub-Admin Jon Tolley with the help of other PokéSpot admins.)

These are the list of battle replays of the 16-person Tourney. Bellow the set of replays will be the rules of the tournament that were used.

- - - - - - -ROUND ONE- - - - - - -

Michael advances (Theodore could not make the time deadline)
Michael Jacobs (Dragon/Water/Grass) ~VS~ Theodore Gets Buckets (Ice/Ground/Normal)

Carl (CarlSHT) advances
Carl Puray (CarlSHT) (Steel/Dragon/Dark) ~VS~ Dan Anthony Dario (teamkeijo) (Electric/Poison/Ground)

Chauncey (Majikkumagic) advances
Victor Oblitas (GodlyMetiorite) (Dark/Psychic/Fire) ~VS~ Chauncey Lattimer IV (Majikkumagic) (Water/Flying/Ghost)

Kevin (Admin Metagross) advances
Kevin Brobst (Admin Metagross) (Water/Dragon/Steel) ~VS~ Alexi Diaz (alexidiaz) (Water/Fairy/Steel)

David Seven (Count Jerkula) advances
David Seven (Count Jerkula) (Dark/Steel/Ghost) ~VS~ David Mealy (gimme a minute) (Water/Dark/Psychic)

Darren (darrenlu909) advances
Darren Unger (darrenlu909) (Water/Electric/Fire) ~VS~ Jarrid Shaner (jrad00) (Water/Electric/Steel)

Nathaniel (Alolan Kanye) advances
Jaxen Sequira (Nexaj98) (Fighting/Ground/Normal) ~VS~ Nathaniel Hall (Alolan Kanye) (Water/Ground/Electric)

Earl advances (Wynonna did make any contact and forfeited by default)
Wynonna Vega (Bug/Psychic/Ghost) ~VS~ Earl Smith (Water/Dragon/Poison)

[size=12]BONUS MATCH:
Due to complications. Jon Tolley gave up his spot so that more people could battle, and Theodore was unfortunately eliminated due to time rules rather than lack of communication. They would battle each other for jolly good sport. No shame self promote, wicked close battle![/color]

Jon Tolley (TonJolley) (Normal/Water/Flying) ~VS~ Theodore Gets Buckets (DaChampionking223) (Ice/Ground/Normal)

[b]- - - - - -ROUND TWO- - - - - -

Michael advances
Michael Jacobs (Dragon/Water/Grass) ~VS~ Carl Puray (CarlSHT) (Steel/Dragon/Dark)

(NO BATTLE) (Can't remember why. Either no replay available OR time difficulties)
Chauncey (Majikkumagic) advances
Kevin Brobst (Admin Metagross) (Water/Dragon/Steel) ~VS~ [b]Chauncey Lattimer IV (Majikkumagic) (Water/Flying/Ghost)

David Seven (Count Jerkula) advances
Darren Unger (darrenlu909) (Water/Electric/Fire) ~VS~ David Seven (Count Jerkula) (Dark/Steel/Ghost)

Earl advances
Earl Smith (Water/Dragon/Poison) ~VS~ Nathaniel Hall (Alolan Kanye) (Water/Ground/Electric)

- - - - - - -SEMI FINALS- - - - - - -

Michael advances
Michael Jacobs (Dragon/Water/Grass) ~VS~ [b]Chauncey Lattimer IV (Majikkumagic) (Water/Flying/Ghost)

Earl advances
Earl Smith (Water/Dragon/Poison) ~VS~ David Seven (Count Jerkula) (Dark/Steel/Ghost)

- - - - - - -CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH- - - - - - -

Micahael Jacobs Wins the Tournament!
Michael Jacobs (Dragon/Water/Grass) ~VS~ Earl Smith (Water/Dragon/Poison)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

*Participants would choose any three different types of the 18 types available. The three types chosen were visable at all times to all participants.

*Participants would construct a team based on one of their three types they chose at the beginning of the tournament following Smogon OU rules at the current time.

*All pokemon used on a single team must have their primary type match one of the three chosen types.

*Teams were NOT pre-set and were allowed to change in any way that followed the above conditions prior to each battle.

*Players were not aware of what type was chosen prior to battle. This encouraged critical thinking of which of the participants type they would use to best combat their opponents possible monotypes.

*Battles are single elimination; Best of one battle.

"May your hits be critical." (Time Zone: UTC -08:00)
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