PokéSpot Showdown REPLAYS: Paul Mann IV (5)

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PokéSpot Showdown REPLAYS: Paul Mann IV (5)

Post by JonTolley on Mon Jan 09, 2017 3:14 am

This thread is dedicated to archiving replays of the members of PokéSpot.
This is a list of replays posted by Paul Mann IV (Mr. Colress) going as far back as December 3rd, 2016.

(1/2/17) [G7] Smogon OU: "Completed Sun last night. Decided to go online and make competitive versions of my team Pokemon for Showdown. The results?
Replay 1: Tapu Koko a threat? Must be a reason why I love Alolan Raichu!"

(1/2/17) [G7] Smogon OU: "Replay 2: They got lucky with Toxapex, but..."

(1/2/17) [G7] Smogon OU: "Replay 3: ...what?"

(1/2/17) [G7] Smogon OU: "Replay 4: Once Tapu Koko came out, they stood there and didn't click anything. Had to start the timer on them after 30 seconds of patiently waiting. Did I forget to mention that I love Alolan Raichu?"

(1/2/17) [G7] Smogon OU: "Replay 5: Tapu Koko is everywhere, isn't it? Do people really find it that good?"

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